Thursday, October 28, 2010

Okay if you have read this please comment! Kat...oh no names :-). Home work is Section 3.4 #1,2,4-6,9. Here is a link to our books website... so click here. Also since no one has claimed the bonus question yet i will re-post it right here:

Mike was working on building his super computer for gaming. He will need to have a certain amount of RAM to make the games work properly. The amount of RAM between the graphics card and the CPU are inversely proportional. When mike has 4 Gigabytes of RAM for his CPU he has 100,000 bytes of Graphics Ram. He is not sure what how much he wants to put into his computer, please help him. He wants to know how much graphics RAM he should have if he has 2, & 8, Gigabytes of Ram for his CPU. Also he wants to know how many Gigabytes of Ram he should have for his CPU if he has 150,000bytes, & 75,000bytes of Graphics RAM.

1,000bytes = 1Kilobyte
1,000Kilobytes = 1Megabyte
1,000Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte
1,000Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte

PS: When you get to the website on the right hand side of the page it will show a box that asks for your class pass. In the box type in coleman106 because that is your class pass. It will log you in. click on chapter three and then click 3.4. you will have to keep going to the next page to get to the right part of it where the homework is. It should be like four or five pages...i hope.

SIA MIke:-)

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